Nature: Magical Alloy
See Also: Zamanzi'Baq and Kalakin Engine

Info: For most humans, the manipulation and flexing of time is often the most difficult feat of magic to understand cognitively, which might help to explain why this is amongst the most difficult alloys to both forge and understand. The achantus mages who have studied the matter claim that the metal exists outside the normal timestream in some way, and that only a small cross-section of it intersects with normal reality at a time, which explains its unique appearance and properties.

Those who see the material for the first time often compare it to hermium operating in zero gravity, which isn't very far off. To begin with it appears to be like a liquid mirrored steel substance which floats around in space, yet prolonged observation will reveal more depth: The volume of the material doesn't seem to be entirely constant, as it increases and decreases constantly. Timelapse images show that over enough time the fluctuations eventually fill a constant shape: The form it was forged in. If it was created as a cube, the floating blobs will stay within that perimeter, flowing and shifting within the original volume of the object. Since it technically exists partly outside the normal timeline, the reflective surface shows reflections from random points in time for whichever location it is currently in.

Despite the strangeness of it's floating fluid yet contained state, the magical properties are even stranger. The magical benefit is that anyone meditating ten minutes upon Zamanzi'baq achieves known temporal sympathy with events which have transpired in the location, because they've seen glimpses of it in the surface of the alloy. The caveat is that this can't be used to achieve sympathy with any event older than the alloy itself. This means that the older the piece of Zamanzi'baq is, the more valuable it is, since older alloys can give access further back in time. The most precious wonder a mysterium mage can ever find is centuries old Zamanzi'baq, which gives anyone with time magic a window to the far past.

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