Winchester Manor

Nature: Abandoned Sanctum, tourist attraction, spatial anomaly
Cabal: Originally the Treaders of the Labyrinth, currently owned by the Enigma
First Encountered: 2.3 "A Plague on Both Your Houses"

Info: This famous mansion happens to also be very dangerous, the primary reason visitors aren't allowed in without a seasoned guide. What few realize is that this is due to many of the protective spells of a secret sanctum are still in existence here, as well as the Pythagorean Sphinx bound as a guardian still being in residence. This, in combination with the naturally warped design of the mansion, has led to it becoming a spatially twisted labyrinth of impressing complexity and weirdness. When visiting the Eye of the Storm encountered a host of odd phenomena, and how many of them were 'real' and significant or simply the misdirections caused by the house are still unclear. In any case the inner sanctum chambers held a series of books and texts, which the Tamas died to get his hands on. These included the Guide to the Inner Dark, The Riders of Pegasus, as well as a collection of wrtings and correspondence pertaining to the Drachensohnen.

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