Via Sublimus (The Higher Path)

Nature: Grimoire
First encountered: 3.5 "Your Permanent Record" where it was picked up at an auction together with "The Book of Life" and "The Secret Hierarchy of the Diamond Wheel", and almost destroyed together with those two volumes by the Tremere-assassin and his undead minions that very same night


Name Spell Dice pool Arcanum Lvl Traits
Admiring the Divine Know Virtue Wits+Emp-Com Mind, +Spirit 2 •• L1m
Sacrosanct Thoughts Mental Shield Res+Occ Mind •• BF: +1 armr
Best Foot Forwards Bolster Virtue Res+Emp Mind •••
Reveal the Ascending Angel Call Eidolon Res+Emp Spirit, +Mind 4 •••• EV1m

E = Extended, V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, BF = Bonus Factors

Bonus Factor: As long as caster hasn't indulged their Vice in the past day, the ''Sacrosanct Thoughts'' Rote gives an Armor Rating equal to the caster's Arcanum rating +1.

Call Eidolon (Spirit •••• + Mind ••••)
Practice: Patterning
Action: Extended, with a target number of (10 - Morality)
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 mana
Effect: Creates external manifestation of own Virtue as an independent being, with identical rules to Goetic Evocation except that it automatically gets the "Living Fetter" Numen instead of "Possession", and that the Eidolon is not in any way under the caster's control.


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