Nature: Living Death-spell
Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"

Description: A tall and regal woman, with a striking and clear beauty. The glowing curtains of the softly billowing aurora borealis forms her hair, and in the place where her eyes should be is naught but the same greenish-blue light. Her manner is formal and suffused with certainty, or it was until she encountered situations she wasn't accustomed to handling. Her garb was old fashioned, from the viking era or even earlier, with scale-mail and short spear doubling as a staff of office, with sensibly horn-less helmet and a shield slung across her back. While it's clear that this is much more historically correct than anything Wagner or those following in his footsteps would ever have come up with it's still a bit out of place; more advanced, perhaps, forged with better techniques and facilities and following designs and patterns forgotten uncounted centuries before vikings ever set sail on the wide oceans. Her "steed" isn't a horse but rather an ephemeral black wolf the size of a horse, with a behavior resembling army training more than that of a wild animal.


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