Nature: Mage; deceased
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Daksha
Concilium: Prague

Info: Old and secluded theosophist, whose private collection was auctioned off after his death. This included quite a lot of items and wonders, many of them dangerous or strange. These included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • An amphora of Syrah Atlantide
  • A salt statue of a woman
  • Gold and treasures from both Nazi and mongol conquest
  • A glass sword
  • A large collection of crystal balls
  • A Solomonic amulet with an Ifrit bound inside
  • Several silken robes from various Chinese dynasties and royals
  • A fake Da Vinci cryptex containing plague
  • Tribal masks from the inception of the Scions of God
  • A lesser Shatterstar
  • A collection of antique ritual equipment from venetian occultists
  • Fragments of the original dead sea scrolls
  • Some column pieces from a Greek temple
  • A collection of rare minerals and alloys
  • A couple of sets of checkers engraved with atlantean runes, used for predictive purposes
  • Various paintings and works of art
  • A locked shelf with three grimoires: Via Sublimus, The Book of Life, and The Secret Hierarchy of the Diamond Wheel
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