Unknown Expedition

Members: ●Freya Weyland, ●Roskva, ●EnochChameleon
Sanctum: Lick Observatory
Rights: Crossing, Sanctuary
Motto: Omne ignotum pro magnifico est

Info: The newest cabal to be formed in the concilium, having just recently started out after finishing their training. Perhaps not too surprisingly, none in the Eye of the Storm were ever allowed to have contact with or even know about any of these new mages while they were still apprentices.

According to their Charter, they aim to explore all the strange and unknown reaches of the supernatural world, all the white areas left on the maps, and in general go out and meddle in whatever unexplained phenomena or weirdness might present itself to the awakened world.

Thus far, the odds of them even surviving past their first six months were set so low that Barnum won himself a year's worth of Tass-production from a medium-strength Hallow when he wagered they'd make it. There have been strained relations between the Expedition and both the Ghostbusters and Polydegmon, as those two kept suggesting some sort of pre-arranged agreement for how the funeral rites should be handled when the inevitable happens and the Expedition's corpses can't be found or retrieved.


Enoch%2004.jpg Roskva%2017.jpg
Enoch Roskva
Weyland%2010.jpg Amy%20Acker%2002.jpg
Freya Weyland Chameleon

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