Tuatha Dé Danann

Nature: Proxiumus dynasty
Heritage Path: Acanthus.
Arcana: Fate, Spirit, Time, Matter, Forces
Nicknames: The Kinain, the Enchanted, The Lords and Ladies, the «Small Folk» (derogatory)

Unique Merits: Ensorcelled (•••), Long of Days (•, ••• or •••••), Ancestral Pact Inheritance (• to ••••)

Example Oblations: Composing epic poetry about someone's deeds; singing along with others in an informal public setting; traditional celebrations of Samhain, Beltane Imbolc and Lammas; performing a Sacred Hunt (must begin or conclude within a Hallow if it's to draw mana from it); getting very drunk. Contrary to malicious rumours, neither loud arguments, family feuds nor petty theft are oblations.

Blessing Type lvl Dice pool
Discern the Foresworn Fate •• Wits +Soclz
Enchanted Eyes Fate •• Res + Occ
Fortune's Protection Fate •• Dex + Ath
Invoke Ancestral Pact Fate ••• Man + Poli
Living Land Fate •••• Pres + Surv
The Nine Waves Fate •••• Pres + Intim–Res
Vision of Strife Time Com + Emp
Worst Moment Time •• Wits + Invest
Rouse Spirit Spirit ••• Pres + Pers
Animate Object Spirit ••• Man + Pers
Change Weather Forces •••• Man + Pers
When trying to relate to, get along, understand, connect or reconcile with the previous or following generation, whether it be their parents, uncles, nephews, children, mentors or apprentices, all rolls based on Social Attributes and/or Skills do not benefit from the 10-again benefit, and each die result of 1 in these pools subtracts a success from the final result. If this reduces the roll to less than zero successes, it's considered a Dramatic Failure.

This does not apply for those more than 1 generation 'removed', so interacting with grandparents and grandchildren is not impaired by the Curse.

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