Tomb Of Sin
Nature: Underground burial-temple
First Encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus"

Info: Found during the archaeological excavation of Alalakh of Turkey and subsequently hidden from sleeper awareness. Thoroughly. Was riddled with mummified corpses which turned into animate undead monsters when intruders broke into the tomb, as well as a new type of much stronger, blood-drinking revenants and golem-like constructs fueled by black flame. The inmost chamber held the sarcophagus of Sin / Inanna and her two consorts, Lalitha Meddha and Tammuz, although the latter was conspicuously empty.


The mosaics on the walls told the story of the Goddess' family and how they had founded their entire civilization. It began when these ancestors were part of a tribe which divided itself in a past so long ago it was legendary and remote even to Alalakh, where one half came here and began this city while the others traveled to some other place far away. The tale seemed to indicate that these ancestors were fleeing from some primordial chaos, and had with them a treasure of great import which had to be kept safe, and this was the reason for their separation: One half would carry the relic and the other would keep all information on what it was, where it came from how it could be used (or abused), to make sure none could fall to temptation while nothing would be lost for posterity.

This information was found on ancient stone tablets in those very chambers, one of which also held the astronomical information needed to recreate the planned destination of that half of the ancestors who'd left with the item. When studied and employed these pointed towards a region in Tibet, and by following these directions the condiments came across the hidden valley of Asgartha. After first having to escape from a roused and homicidal Lalitha, of course.


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