Timeline and Important Dates

Here people can add the dates & events they feel are important, to help keep track of things and/or get some perspective on things. I'm adding some of the most recently acquired facts and obvious listings now, so it won't be so intimidatingly empty for others. Whether or not people want to add things from, or compare this with, the timelines found here or here is not for me to decide.


Using Info Gathered Thus Far:

12'000 BC to 1660 AD

1660 AD to present time



2008: The members of The Eye of the Storm meet and Awaken
2 July/8 June: The Condiments disappear
2 July/8 June: Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan disappear
8 June: Carl Orff's Carmina Burana premieres
27 May: Golden Gate Bridge opens
1906: San Fransisco major earthquake
1355: Marino Faliero, fifty-fifth Doge of Venice executed
(~1277?): The betrayal and infliction of the Tremere
1256: The 'Aim of the Wise' translated to Latin and distributed
1244-45: Cathars exterminated
1204: Crusaders sack Constantinople


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