Chronos - Aeon of Time
Who can say
where the road goes,
where the day flows?
Only time.
And who can say
if your love grows,
as your heart chose?
Only time.
Who can say
why your heart sighs,
as your love flies?
Only time.
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies?
Only time.

- Enya

Nature: Astral Being
Type: Aeon
Mate(s): The Norns, Aeons of Fate
First Encountered: 5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers"



Request: To permanently re-write the scene where the cabal found her boyfriend, Jareth, immediately after his awakening, so that she can explain all about magic and such to him properly, thus preventing him from becoming a Seer.
Boon: Once she had fulfilled his task, Chronos would bend time so she returned to this very moment, whereupon he would grant her wish. But she had to accept the condition that she would always have the option to negate this revision, that if she so chose (of her own free will) she could return the timeline to its original state.
Price: In the upcoming showdown with the Cult of the Doomsday Clock, she could not allow them to live in any situation where it she had the choice to do so or not, provided she was not bound by tactical concerns or limitations outside her control.

Request: To be granted the chance to have done a deal now, by retroactively choosing so later.
Boon: Hermes was 'anchored' to this point in time, and infused with an Auctoritas Arcanum power which allowed him to return to this moment whenever he so chose through an act of will, and then negotiate forth a new pact with Chronos before returning to his current ''present time''.
Price: Towards the end Hermes would find that he must make a sacrifice, that he has to choose to inflict calamity on himself, to be the cause of some misfortune or other in his own past. In return for this Boon he had to promise to actually choose to make this sacrifice, no matter how painful it might be to him.

Request: Immunity to Time when facing off against the Doomsday Clock.
Boon: He was given a chimerical pouch filled with the ''sands of time'', which none but he could open. By sprinkling the 'sand' on and around himself the arcanum of Time would refuse to touch or affect him at all for a full scene, making his actions invisible to prediction as well as rendering him temporarily (zing!) immune to time-spells. Chronos did comment that some abyssal entities might potentially be able to predict him through void-powers outside of Time's dominion, but Chronos promised to do his best to block and occlude such effects as much as he was able.
Price: As with Skadi, Chronos demanded that Rui-Shi no spare the life of any Doomsday Clocker during the confrontation in which he employed the sand, whenever he was in a position where he could choose to be merciful and let them live..


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