Things To Do

Being a list of our planned doings, great or small, immediate or otherwise.
This list is mainly so that we can remember the things we've got on our plate at any given time.
Also, split into cabal-matters and personal. General things you are planning to do can also be added, even though they are not "quests", just to remember them.


The Cabal

- ''Project'' their consciousnesses back to their previous incarnations in 1204 1244 and learn what happened back there, especially with the silvery wrench and the Grail

- Rescue the Dalai Lama from the Seers of the Throne

- Find the remaining wrench and coin, and investigate the items we currently have.

- Either lead, instigate, organize or help carry out an assault on the Clocktower, global headquarters for the Cult of the Doomsday Clock, in order to kill of their leaders, the Anachrons, and thereby put a stop to the cult's evil (and supposedly Abyssal) activities.

- Figure out who knows Ritual Synergy 5, and find a way to make them teach that technique to the PC's


Dorian Gray

- Become Immortal. Or better.

- Buy new (and hopefully more explosion-resistant) car for the cabal

- Find out more about Lalitha/Lilith and/or her 'Shadow' from the future; what they're up to.

?(- look into the the path/road/lore presented to him while he spirit-traveled in the Underworld)?

- Find ''last treasure of Iram''


Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir

- Hunt down the Morphean, get back the Rote he took from her, and then kill him. Permanently.

- Retrieve Thor's Chariot from the Halaku so they cannot use it to transport Tamas to Gareos, where he will use the Holy Grail to end the world…..after giving the chariot to them in the first place!

- Find a way to actually kill Jormungandr/Vritra/Apep/Midgarðsormen/Typhon, and all its spawn

- Use the power which enables her to actually kill Jormungandr/Vritra/Apep/Midgarðsormen/Typhon, and all its spawn

- Manage to kill convert her boyfriend Jareth over to the Pentacle, away from the Seers



- Get a bit more into shape, since, according to prophecy, that will help him survive and/or become crowned God-King of Atlantis.

- Cure AIDS.

- Become a real doctor

- Tell Fluffy that he has named it "Fluffy".

- Survive afterwards.


Rui Shi

- Acquire a Black Grail

- Locate Vinegar and ''merge'' to become an even more advanced Daksha


Alfred Nobel

- Learn about the other mages. When they Awakened, what they specialize in and other stuff.

- Crafting items.

- Start item crafting business.

- Perhaps making some magical objects.

- Find a willing tutor capable of teaching him the third Attainment of the Forge Masters
- Get someone to make eye-prosthetics for his sister out of magical alloys so that it can integrate into the body and function as actual replacement eyes.
- Return to Prague and find the mysterious person/being who helped them fight the book-assassin last time they were here
- Look into the history of his mother's family
- Fire Gâr


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