The Thirteenth Floor

Nature: Sanctum, Demesne
Cabal: Enigma

For many skyscrapers you won't find a button in the elevator labeled '13', and if you take the stairs you'll notice they lead you directly from 12th to 14th floor. This is a known cultural phenomenon, grounded in the fact that superstition around this so-called 'unlucky number' is so strong that it hurts profits: Fewer wish to rent office space there, and those who do find fewer clients or associates willing to visit. Of course, a rational person would realize that just painting a different number on the wall doesn't actually change anything, but then, a rational person would perhaps not be so frightened of the number thirteen in the first place.

In San Fransisco, however, there is a rather interesting variation on this: If one were to push the buttons '1' and '3' at the same time the doors would actually open up on the floor between 12 and 14, despite all evidence so far seeming to prove that there simply isn't room for it to exist. And yet here it is, the entire floor free to be used exclusively for the Cabal's business. But which skyscraper was it this was taking place? Well….there's more than one, you see, and all of them lead to the same place. Such is the wonder of Space magic.

Or rather, the hidden thirteenth floor from a collection of buildings have been stacked on top of each other somehow so that all these elevators lead to the same floor, yet at the same time there are also several different version of the location to choose from. The doors could open on an office landscape where sleepwalker attendants do the daily work to keep the cryptopolies of the city running smoothly, or upon a flowery meadow, or a thick jungle, and none save the mages who own the place have any idea how one can choose which locality one arrives in. Some say this is for security reasons, others claim it's to prevent their home from being used as a rapid-transit system by less capable and more lazy wizards.

Now, this arrangement does indeed seem extravagant and an enormous investment in effort and resources, especially when considering all the extra work involved in making sure nobody on the street can count the floors and notice there's one missing, or that people walking the stairs don't have to walk twice as long to go from 12 to 14. This is where the benefit of having three Masters within the same Cabal becomes apparent, to say nothing of their access to vast influence in mortal society and access to many local thaumaturges and their more subtle effects. And so one can perhaps begin to understand that this impression of extravagance might be intentional, that this incredibly demanding setup was chosen in order to show exactly how much competence and raw power this faction of mages can bring to bear when they wish to.

And given that their leadership consists of Ladders, it is also for the simple reason that they can.

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