The Symbol

The symbol of unknown origin or providence, which keeps on appearing in strange places. It resembles many other symbols, yet does not seem to be listed anywhere.

Has been seen in various notes, images and texts, and on several objects so far, including a key and a coin, as well as personal memoirs and scraps of parchment.

Florence described the symbol as a sort of reflection, kind of like the fingerprint of a plan/event/meaning hidden to any of us, showing up "naturally" to only a few people. We seem to be some of those people. Also, she suggested that "flashing the symbol at people" might be a very stupid thing to do.

Recent events have shed some light on the symbol. One of the items in the Amelia Luggage was a "wrench-like object", looking much like one of the bars in the symbol. Josh studied the resonance of that object and compared it to Andreas key, finding out that they shared quite a lot of similarities, the group therefore drew some conclusions about Johns coin. We gathered the three objects in one room, and as we brought them together, a strange, glowing light appeared. The coin levitated and spun above the "wrench". Then, when the key was touched against the "wrench", a rather weird event ocurred: A person was summoned in a flash of shining light, speaking in a tounge unknown to any of us, and working glowing illusions with his spear. We had to communicate through body language, google images and drawings.

We picked up some clues about the symbol from the "conversation": there were originally 7 of these objects: 3 "wrenches", 3 coins and a key, each object was held by a long lost magician. The strange man seemed quite sorry, and utterly confused that we now only held 3 of these objects, and thus could not complete the symbol.
He also seemed to ask if we belonged to some categorisation of persons that we found even more confusing. These categories were described by: A reptilian eye, a leathery wing, a reptilian mouth/head and a matching claw. When shown the image of a dragon, he indicated that the symbols indeed represented parts of a dragon. The seven pieces of the symbol was shared between persons belonging to these categorisations. Josh remembers wich symbol-item was tied to wich dragon-part, but nobody found a real system of distribution there.
The stranger responded to both Pliskin and Josh's renderings of their watchtowers, but had a mournfull face for a drawing of something vaguely representing a very spiky spire, or something that resembled a watchtower we had not known about.

The stranger disappeared, dematerialising before our eyes. We believe we had been charged with gathering the 4 lost pieces of the symbol, but we know not what this feat might accomplish. We do however guess that it might allow the figure to remain here, or that it might trigger an event he had been hoping for.

Thus far, we know only a few clues of other persons/places the symbol have shown up in (and therefore might be connected to the missing pieces); The place where mundane media say the symbol appeared for the first time: in a basement at a church in San Fran. We might have to return there to do some further research. Also, we might want to research how Mr. Moth came into possession of the scroll with the symbol on it. There is also the mystery of how Mr. Stabby the fae came to possess the key Andrea found. If we only could talk that one over, without our very different views on existence and use of language getting in the way….

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