The Secret Rituals Of The Necropolis

Nature: Grimoire
Author: "Zagreus"
Acquired: 5,4 "Grapes of Sorrow", during the madcap quest to save Apollo
Info: One copy was seized by the Ghostbusters after they put down the unwholesome necromantic thaumaturge-cult ''Scions of Zagreus'', who saw the book as their holy text, while the copy currently held by the cabal was recovered from the Secret Vaults of the Vatican.

The book itself is supposedly an ancient Greek Orphic mystery text, translated into english by person or persons unknown sometime in the 1800's.

Rote: Shroud and Cerements
Bonus Factors:
*If target dons an actual shroud and other accoutrements fit for a grave or tomb: +2 Duration.
*If currently benefiting from effects of ''Pre-Mortem Rigor Mortis'' rote from this grimoire: +3 Potency.
*If a full and proper funeral service is held for the target: Can use Advanced Prolongation without higher Arcanum knowledge.

Rote: Katabasis
At Death 4 this can be cast as an Instant spell.


Rote Name Spell Dice pool Arcana Traits
Ghûl's Hunger Self-Repairing Zombie Pres+Occ Death •••, Matter ••• V1m/zombie
Pre-Mortem Rigor Mortis Corpse Flesh Res+Med Death •••, Life ••• V
Shroud and Cerements (Veiling of Death) Res+Occ Death ••• BF+2, BF
Eternal Unrest Haunting Pres+Pers vs Res+G Death ••••(•) V1m
Vow of Souls Deathless Oath Res+Exp Death ••••, Fate •• 1m
Undying Self Revenant Res+Med Death ••••, Time ••, Fate •• E1mV
Katabasis (Weaving of Death) Pres+Occ Death •••(•) EV1mT

E = Extended * L = Lasting * T = Transitory * C = Concentration * V = Vulgar * #m = mana cost of # * BF# = Up to # nr of Bonus Factors


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