The Secret Hierarchy Of The Diamond Wheel

Nature: Grimoire


Name Spell Dice pool Arcanum Traits Special
Housing the Homeless Self Soul Jar Pres+Craft Spirit •• P
Returning the Temple's Flame Restore Lost Soul Pres+Emp Spirit ••• E,L
Unveiling the Secret Hierarchy Soulmates Int+Invst Death •
Fate •
Reliving the Diamond's Records Past Life Regression Man+Occ Mind •••
Time •••
E,P BF(+1to +3), on others at lvl 3

E = Extended, P = Prolonged Duration, L = Lasting Duration

Unveiling the Secret Hierarchy (Death •, Fate •)
Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (One scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Allows the mage to see if the souls he's analyzing have ties that bind them from one life to another, whether two people have met in a previous incarnation or not, or if they're "soulmates" who keep encountering each other time and time again throughout history. Or that's what the authors claims it does, with relatively little hard fact to back up this notion. The spell itself is basically a combination of "Soul Sight" and "Interconnections", spotting sympathetic links between souls rather than between the people themselves.

Reliving the Diamond's Records (Mind •••, Time •••)
This rote, the crowning achievement of the author and his/her most solid proof towards the rightness of the philosophy espoused, has several features that have proven impossible for others to recreate without the Grimoire. Primarily among them is the fact that it can be used on others with only a disciple-level understanding of the Mind arcanum rather than requiring an adept to do so.

There is a price to be paid for this, however, and it is intrinsically linked to the theme of the book itself: Not everyone can benefit from this effect. This only works when used on targets who are 'linked' through incarnations, who have interacted with each other in previous lives. In fact this limitation is so strict that the spell can only take the subjects back to re-live the periods in which all of them were together, being utterly unable to show any period or lifetime in which even a single one of the targets is un-involved in the current goings-on. If just one of the participants doesn't have a ''role'' in the past events, the spell cannot replay that episode.

This, then, is where the previous spell of the Grimoire, "Unveiling the Secret Hierarchy", suddenly becomes very useful indeed.


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