The Riders Of Pegasus

Nature: Set of 3 Daimonomicon Grimoires
Author: Sir James Owsley-Palmer

Contents: Though it is obviously meant as a sort of definitive explanation on the doctrine and beliefs of the Bellerophon Society, and especially those among them who went on to adopt the legacy they developed, it reads more as the uncomfortably fervent preaching of the author alone. There's no distancing of himself from the process, as he frequently comments about how he feels about mentioned people or groups, or recounting episodes where he was ill-treated by peers or strangers. But even worse, it is badly written. The disorganized and constant references to certain supposedly ''transformative and self-evident truths'', its dry formulations, its occasional sudden breaks into stream-of-consciousness writing, its impenetrable diagrams and confusing tangents make it a strong contender for “worst book ever written”.

Though the volumes are reputedly capable of detailing and teaching not only the aforementioned legacy but also the most powerful rotes and secrets collected by a world-spanning cult rich mage fanatics with hoarding issues, it has proved difficult to verify any of this. This isn't really because some of the text is in code, as it's one which is fairly easy to decipher, but rather because it's painfully boring to read the darn thing, endlessly frustrating to navigate it, and it assumes the reader is intimately familiar with a slew of obscure occult sources and esoteric concepts, relying on them heavily without ever explaining them or even saying what they are in two thirds of the cases. As such it's been detected that it can indeed act as a tutor-substitute legacy-wise, but whatever else it may or may not contain is as of yet undiscovered.

Volume I

Contents: Teaches the first attainment of the Riders of Pegasus legacy, and supposedly holds some very powerful Rotes encoded deep in its infuriatingly boring and ill-organized ramblings.
Found: Taken away from Winchester Manor, along with the Guide to the Inner Dark and Emma Hardinge-Britten's compilation of intercepted correspondence within the Drachensohnen
Location: Was sold to Ahura Mazda some time back, with proviso that if any of the other two volumes were ever to be discovered he would insist on being given the chance to purchase them.

Volume II

Contents: Not yet checked, but presumably the second attainment
Found: Recovered from the Secret Vaults of the Vatican, along with several other works such as the Ialdabaoth Codex, Orpheus' Last riddle, The Book of Life, The Secret Rituals of the Necropolis and the Sherborne Anomaly
Location: Currently kept within the cabal's occult library in the lower sanctum

Volume III

Contents: The third attainment, more rotes, as well as the final pieces needed to decipher the previous two volumes.
Found: In the deeper vaults of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra
Location: Currently held by Enoch

The Rotes

Volume I
Spell Dice pool Arcana lvl Traits
Shape Air Matter ••••
Transmute Air Matter ••••
Raw Creation Matter •••••
Self-Repairing Machine Matter •••••
Friction Reduction Forces •••
Transform Energy Forces ••••
Unseen Hand Forces ••••
Volume II
Safe Keeping Space ••••
(Keyed) Arcade Space •••••
Dimensional Axis Space •••••
Volume III
Complete Invisibility Forces •••••
Control Gravity Forces •••••
Nullify Gravity Forces •••••
Velocity Mastery Forces •••••
Forge Cavorite Matter
& Prime 3
Forge Apergium Matter
& Prime 3


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