Court of the Neverending

Nature: Faction of spirits
Ruler: Count Greydrake, spirit of the Fog
Headquarters: Golden Gate Park

Organization: Two separate courts exist, both ruled by the Count, The Blue governing the bay and The Green governing the land. For the latter the Hill spirits themselves choose one representative to act at court in their stead, since they're not all that into politics. The parks are much more active, with each park getting representatives based on power and size. The more powerful the park, the more spirits they send. The Court of the Blue follows closer to the concept that might makes right, with few jurisdictions and legal squabbles. The Count, being a creature of both worlds, acts as a unifying force and makes sure the Blue and Green at least have similar enough desires to not work at cross purposes.

Typical Membership: The Court of the Blue consists of water elementals, fish, fishing and boat spirits, some pollution entities, and a smattering of abstracts. The Court of the Green consists of trees, bushes, flowers, greenery, grass, parks, and the 50 or so spirits of the hills, plus various animal spirits. The Earthquakers are technically a part of this Court, though they are rarely active.

Info: The Nature spirits of San Fransisco long ago banded together to oppose the invading urban spirits, and their formidable strength have resulted in them having their own areas of the city to rule. The golden gate park, their own dominion, is huge, and many other parks and hills dot the city. Of course, their primary opponent is the Gilded Dollar, though the City's Blood isn't entirely their ally either. They all try to keep the city as green and natural as possible, breaking down buildings and machines as often as they can, impeding what others would call "progress".

The one main reason for their incredible strength, which has allowed them to become a dominant power where in most other cities the naturals have been totally marginalized, are the Restless Stones. This group of immensely old and powerful earth-elementals reside deep beneath the ground, and most of the time do nothing except play their games of push and shove with other geological entities (the Fault-line resembles some sort of bizarre sports arena in their eyes). But once or twice a century, they resurface seeking to get some recreation and essence. It's a natural cycle for them to "wake up", reshape the local landscape a bit, then go back down to sleep.

So when they returned (in 1906) and found that the natural world had been entirely overrun by new and alien spirit types bent on local dominance, they naturally grew angry. Crushing all they could see, removing pillars of strength, creating a small court of fire-spirits to do their work for them, and in general hamstringing the enemy spirits and taking their essence cashes as "spoils of war" was the agenda of the day. Then they went back to sleep until 89, when they came back and once again acted out, though not quite as violently as last time. After all, The Neverending Court had managed to become a big part of the city, so the Restless Stones didn't have quite the cause for anger, yet still managed to literally liquefy several neighborhoods and sink them beneath the waves (how's that for an Atlantis analogy?).

Though the other, more current spirits may wish to rid themselves of the Neverending, the disasters of the past make everyone wary of doing anything which may call up the relentless and titanic wrath of the Restless Stones. The situation has been compared to having an environmental nut with a bazooka. Of course, the other major reason why they are so influential is their rather politically adept leader, Count Greydrake.

The Court of the Blue is ruled by Lady Undertow, spirit of the Bay at large, while the Earth Elementals are ruled by The Big One, spirit of Earthquakes and of San Andreas Fault specifically. But he only wakes up once in a long while, so everyone just fears him in private but don't really count much on his political support. The landbound nature spirits are ruled by Fourcorners, the spirit of the Golden Gate Bridge itself.

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