The Lost Stradivarius

Nature: Alchemical item; musical instrument
Encountered: P1.1 "The Treasure of the Lost Stradivarius", where it was acquired from an auction at the Tower of London

Description: A genuine Stradivarius-violin, antique and priceless, but no matter what a musician does with it the instrument is incapable of producing a pure note.

Effects: Due to the rare traces of mineral in the alchemically produced varnish the violin will play more properly the closer it is to major deposits of the same mineral, namely the meteoric iron from the impact which destroyed New Atlantis.

Info: The violin was used by the mages of the Stradivari family as a secret locator, able to find and open their underground sanctum as well as the underwater ruins whose secret they kept. It was eagerly sought after by Sir James Owsley-Palmer in his day, and the Jailers of Pentheus some decades later.

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