The Hieromagus
ST - "I suddenly imagined the Hieromagus as Keanu Reeves"
Paul - "Actually, so did I"
Espen - "Oh god, I'm so glad I'm not the only one!"

Nature: Eldritch Abomination
First Mentioned: 1.4 "In Sickness and in Health", where the PC's foiled an earlier attempt to have this ''hieromagus'' successfully conceived
First Encountered: 6.4 "The Hieromagus Cometh"

Info: A body of flesh born into this world in the way of all humans, and in this way giving one of the Gods of the Outer Void a natural existence within this realm of existence once more (or at least being the host-flesh for a significant fragment or aspect of one of those proto-deities)

Born of Kirsten & Troy, though it's suspected that the whole pregnancy was somehow arranged by the Dread Fellowship of Apep.

Powerful obfuscation-powers in combination with the creature's father 'officially' giving it the actual name "The Hieromagus" together managed to convince quite a lot of mages who used predictions and foretellings that this was actually the real messiah the Guardians of the Veil have been expecting for thousands of years.

The monster seemed to be utterly immune to supernal magics, a trait also noticed in the 'minion species' Luzak Delal.


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