The Hidden Tower

Nature: Covert Athenaeum
Curator: Babel

Info: Usually all the contents of an Athenaeum must physically be in the same location in order to attain any Benefits, but the three Sphinxes involved found out how to compensate. The Hidden Tower is made up of a great amount of rooms and chambers scattered around the city, each of them subtle, cloaked and well hidden, which are tied together into a single Athenaeum through an intricate gate-network of temporary and permanent Portals, as well as an ingenious system of cross-referencing.

Babel - ●●●○○
Cryptos - ●○○○○
Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir - ●○○○○
Paradigm - ●○○○○
Chameleon - ●○○○○
Stantz - ●○○○○

Host Sanctum
Size - ●●●●○
Security - ●●●●●

Core Contents
Library - ●●●●●
Miscellany - ●○○○○
Akashic Record - ●○○○○

Scaled Features
Hallow - ●○○○○
Occultation - ●●●
Psychic Resistance - ●○○

Static Features
Atlantean Hesychia ●
Encyclopedic Knowledge ●●●●

Notable Items Powers Type Dots
The Doorway Beyond Can open sympathy-range dimension-gates Artifact 8
Security Scissors Cuts sympathy, used after all visits. M11 Imbued 5
Rockefeller Doorknobs If used correctly these cast ''Follow Through'' Imbued 3
Other Effects Mechanics Arcanum lvl Pot
Portal Network A series of gates linking it all up Space 4 div
Translation Rooms imbued 'Universal Language' in
study areas, w. Fate exemptions
Mind 3 4


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