The Golden Gun

Nature: Chimerical Item
First Encountered: 6.4 "The Hieromagus Cometh", where it's summoned by Nobel & Avatar

Description: It's a single-shot weapon that fires a custom made 4.2-millimetre golden (23-carat gold with traces of nickel) dum-dum bullet. The gun can be disassembled and its components disguised as a fountain pen (the barrel), a cigarette lighter (breech), cuff-link (trigger), and a cigarette case (the grip), all gold-plated.

Info: The Golden Gun is the signature weapon of the villain from the James Bond movie named after him, "The Man with the Golden Gun". In the film it's established that its owner, Francisco Scaramanga, is an expert marksman and the most expensive assassin in the world, and is seen by many film critics as "the best-characterized Bond villain yet". The gun only has one bullet because the owner claims to never need more than one shot to kill his target.

Despite the film being from 1974, and in itself often being regarded as a low point in the 'bond canon', the actual "Golden Gun" weapon was still added to two levels in the 1997 video game "GoldenEye 007". Because of the popularity it developed it has thereafter been included in many of the later James Bond games. In each of these games (except one) this weapon would count for an instant kill.

"The Golden Gun" ranked as the sixth most popular film weapon in a 2008 poll by 20th Century Fox, which surveyed approximately two thousand film fans. In October of the same year the "Golden Gun" movie prop was stolen from the company Elstree Props, based in Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire. At the time the "gun" was estimated to be worth roughly £80,000.



Traits: Durability 2, Size 1, Structure 3, Weapon Rating +5 (with Rote Quality), Range 40/80/160, Armor Piercing 2

Golden Bullet: When used to assassinate or otherwise murder a previously specified person, not a random victim or enemy one happens to come across, but someone you've planned to eliminate ahead of time, any successful hit will make the target die. No matter how much or how little damage the wound should logically have inflicted.

Supernatural creatures can try to resist, rolling Stamina + Power Trait (Wyrd, Primal Urge, Azoth, etc) against the shooter's roll of Gnosis + 3 (the gun's fame/"rank"). If the target wins this roll they still take damage from being shot with the manifested archetype of a murder-weapon, suffering Aggravated damage (Lethal if they would normally get Bashing from firearms)

Infallible: As shown in its traits above, the fact that the Golden Gun "never misses" not only provides it with an incredible weapon rating, but it also provides the Rote Quality to the attack roll (re-roll all failed dice once).

Single Shot: The most significant drawback of The Golden Gun is that it can only fire a 23-carat Golden Bullet, of a unique caliber produced only by the fictional gunsmith Lazar, of which the Gun itself can with only one at a time. It's possible to use mundanely forged replacements, though these only benefit from the iconic accuracy of the weapon but won't instantly kill the victim.

Reloading: If 10 Mana is used on the Golden Gun, however, it will over the course of a week manifest a new bullet inside itself. If it's instead loaded with a replica bullet of gold and fed 10 Mana, the gun will take only 24 hours to ''empower'' the ammunition so it can be employed to use the gun's full power. It is also possible, of course, to venture into the Temenos and seek out Lazar himself, and commission him to forge replacement bullets for you.

Villain's Weapon: There is an inherent danger to using the Golden Gun, however, as it is specifically the tool of a ruthless and evil assassin, created to be a worthy rival for James Bond himself, and so every time someone uses it to take a life they not only risk losing Wisdom, but also to become more villainous, to be transformed bit by bit into a criminal monster themself.

Context Reliant: It's uncertain to what degree, if any, The Golden Gun can affect a target who isn't a "person", and therefore cannot be "assassinated".


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