Court of the Gilded Dollar

Nature: Faction of spirits
Ruler: Unknown
Typical Membership: Spirits of corporations, greed, money, gold, banking, capitalism, franchises, stores, supermarkets, bad traffic, cars, parking, cubicles, offices, gentrification, wealth, hospitals, public office, public buildings, government, politics and authority.

Info: The city, despite its public image, is a center for commerce and money. It grew big one a gold rush, and stayed big due to effective banking. In the stock crash, not a single San Fransisco bank closed down. During The Depression, they decided to build the Golden Gate Bridge, and to this day, San Fransisco is a corporate giant. It has an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, gentrification and very high rent makes it a place you live in only if you have money. Skyscrapers house companies where suit-clad men chase numbers and profit margins.

All this is represented by the spirit court known as he Gilded Dollar. From the financial district they rule with an iron fist, subjugating all they can. Where they reside the streets turn into webs, with Spiders of Parking make sure the traffic gets stuck (since the Streets themselves are usually their enemies), while the higher-ups reside….well, higher up. The lords live in the upper stories, with spirits of glass and window as their valets. Their great tragedy, and the reason they don't rule the entire region, is the Earthquake. It crippled them, decimated their strength and killed swaths of their underlings. They never recovered completely, and so the region lost its chance to be the economic capital and beating heart of the entire nation.

More recently, it has threatened to form an alliance with the ministry of Mammon in the past, unless the pentacle could offer it a better deal.

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