The Emperor

Nature: City/Zetgeist-spirit
First Encountered: During quest for the Green Dragon Crescent Spear, where the PC's summoned him and asked for directions. And then swore fealty.
Title: Well, Emperor of course. But also ruler of the Court of The City's Blood

Description: A slightly short man, yet his stature makes him seem imposing. Much of his appearance is identical to that of Emperor Norton, from the jacket to the hat to the saber. But other aspects of the city have merged with this imagery: He wear a peace-sign pendant like a mayoral chain of office, and the rainbow-coloured scarf around his neck constantly flutters in the wind. His voice is deep and booming, as if echoing from some enormous subterranean chamber, and his very presence seems to emanate a warmth and glow bordering on a halo. Large round Lennon-sunglasses always obscure his eyes, yet the light emanating from behind them indicates that they conceal a raging inferno behind their opaque lenses. And indeed, when the Emperor is angry or upset the ground shakes and a fire within him seems to burn hotter, causing flames to ignite around him and his veins to glow like magma.

Info: A lot of scholars have tried to find out the true history and nature of the Emperor, but nobody's managed to agree on it so far. Some think he's a Magath who gained enough power to be accepted (The Emperor's New Clothes is often referenced), while others believe that he is an Astral Entity which has managed to materialize (or spiritualize, really), while still others opinion that a spirit managed to eat or merge with the ghost of Norton, Emperor of the United States.

However he came to be, the Emperor is now the effective leader of all the various neighborhoods and streets of San Fransisco, and is himself a powerful incarnation of life in the city. With his two faithful guard-companions (from his biggest allies, the stray dog and homelessness spirit groups) and his official Chamberlain (from the Bureaucracy, since 1/3rd of the human population is of Chinese ethnicity it helps to pander to that demographic) he rules from his own seat in the Heart of San Fransisco. And that's no metaphor: The place actually looks like the inside of some huge heart made of tissue and asphalt, connected to the network of streets which is the lifeblood of the city. Here, his envoys and scouts, the tram-spirits, come to report on daily occurrences, as they can go even where the streets have been conquered by the Parking-spiders of the Gilded Dollar.

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