The Dread Fellowship Of Apep
Apep serpent uncoiling, enemy of
Ma'at. Dark incarnate and lord of
chaos. Sun-hating reptile, world
encircler, menace lurking
'neath horizon's rim. Choking
the waters with its body unending,
god-barque pursuing with malicious
intent. Stalking its prey beyond all
gates of earth, consuming it always
whether living or dead, wanting
forever unreachable Ra. Father of
storms and cause of quakes, more
venerated than deities most, for in
banishing rites it was worshiped
against. Unseen during
day she lives during night, wanting
return of isfet forever, all kingdoms
lain low and civilizations destroyed!
Undying serpent shall conquer at last, for
the sun is eclipsed by the moon
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Nature: Organization of various allied creatures
First Encountered: 1.4 "In Sickness and in Health", where they had usurped a local cult in order to get one of their members married1 (and thereby "properly" impregnated & give birth)
Notable Appearances:
2.1 "Son, Your Mind Has Been Transported Back In Time. And To Mars", where Hal is encountered in Washington D.C.
2.3 "A Plague on Both Your Houses", where Tamas and bridesmaids are in Winchester Manor, and he gets killed.
3.2 "But Now The Dead Begin To Rise...", where Chimera is corrupted, Tamas resurrected, and Dorian receives his 'wrench' from Greymalkin.
3.5 "Your Permanent Record", where Hal shows up at Auction in Prague to buy stuff.
Also: The continuous contingent of ravens, crows and other corvids that lived at Chimera's scrapheap or followed him around.
Also: Encountered by Guardians in the thirties while investigating Clark Ashton Smith.

Info: According to research, the Dread Fellowship is a loosely connected set of alliances between disparate creatures of sinister nature, with apparently little in common beyond a their desire to wreak havoc and chaos. It has been known to include spirit-claimed, shapeshifters, zombies, Hosts, banishers, and all manner of strange cryptids. While there has been the odd human involved, such as cultists and the like, it would seem that for the most part there's practically no significant human content to their membership.

The current leader would seem to be a man known as Angra Mainyu, somehow titled "The Tamas", with a woman referred to as his daughter taking the post of second in command: Layla i Mainyu. In fact, after Mainyu died it was Layla who kept the various squabbling factions together, barely avoiding the dissolution of the Dread Fellowship altogether. She also managed to return her 'father' to life somehow, after converting Chimera to their side through the use of the Collar of Tamas.

Though their actual goals and ambitions are still uncertain they are fervently opposed by the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, and Ahura Mazda has warned of the danger they present in the strongest of terms, claiming that they will cause something akin to the utter destruction of the world. He also said that the current Fellowship is merely one manifestation of a type of activity/philosophy/tendency/organization which is both far older than them as well as having multiple instances around the world, likening it to a 'many-headed hydra'. They seem to be connected with, possibly through worship, the entities known variably as "The Gods of the Outer Void", of of the Outer Dark, or simply "The Outsiders" if the suspicion is correct and they are indeed the beings referenced in the writings of Sir James Owsley-Palmer. Finally, it has been foreseen that the Dread Fellowship will manage to acquire the Holy Grail.


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