The Daughters
People kill what they fear, Timothy. They burned, drowned and hanged
those they saw as witches, devil's servants: the wise women and cunning men,
the unfortunate, the lost and the strange. While in the forests,
and the high places and beside great stones the old religions endured.
-The Phantom Stranger, ''The Invisible Labyrinth'', by N.G.

Nature: Proxiumus dynasty
Parent Path: Obrimos
Parent Order: Any except Guardians of the Veil
Arcana: Life, Prime, Forces
Nicknames: Matrons, the witches, illuminators, los familia, the hunted

"In order to be effective truth must penetrate like an arrow
— and that is likely to hurt."
Wei Wu Wei

Themes: Wise women, learning passed along from mother to daughter in secret, knowledge and enlightenment blazing against the darkness, everyday folk doctoring for the village, firebrands and community leaders, passionate educators, nurses, proponents of clean lifestyles and healthy exercise.

Appearance: Healthy and vibrant; they tend to seem very strong or sizable, brimming with power and authority. Many can find them intimidating while others find them to be reassuring in their resolve, often described as fitting the «mama bear» concept. In time they often develop sun-tanned skin and weathered yet dignified features, but long before then their form takes the solid build of someone who spends their day doing chores and necessary work.

While indeed not all members have this sort of physical presence and are fully capable of being small or frail it's rare indeed to find any who don't have a forceful personality and robust health. Their strong voices or conviction-fueled words can be inspiring or reproaching in equal measure. The «Inspiring» merit is common, as well as good physical attributes and merits and a high Presence score. Medicine, Expression and Academics are often favored skills.



Info: The family is matrilineal, with females being in the vast majority when it comes to becoming sleepwalkers, proximi or even awakening, as well as being the main vector through which the family traits are passed on. The Daughters suffered heavily during the witch trials, for while the awakened could easily get away from such persecution their sleepwalker relatives were not so lucky. According to their own stories the first members arrived in America aboard the Mayflower, eager to escape the persecution and constant dangers of the old world. This heavy persecution, combined with the inheritance following the female line of descent, meant that the surname of the members tended to change with every generation as their children got married. The result was that the dynasty itself had problems retaining any one name over time, hence their current one being more of a descriptor than anything.

Blessings Type lvl Dice pool Traits
Supernal Vision Prime Wits + Occ -
Dispel Magic Prime Int + Occ 1M,L
Magic Shield Prime •• Res + Occ 1M/use
Channel Mana Prime ••• Wits + Occ L
Imbue Mana Prime ••• Pres + Med L
Eyes o.t.Awakened Prime •••• Pres + Emp -
Influence Light Forces Int + Sci -
Control Light Forces •• Int + Sci -
Light Mastery Forces ••• Pres + Sci -
Healer's Trance Life Int + Med Conc
Organic Resilience Life •• Sta + Ath -
Healing Heart Life ••• Int + Med 1M,L
Supreme Honing Life •••• Res + Ath 1M

Curse: In keeping with their theme of opening people's eyes to magic and their focus on enlightenment and keeping the flame of the old teachings burning bright the family curse of the Daughters has weakened the Disbelief-effect of the Quiessent Curse: When Sleepers witness one of the Matrons performing her magic, her ''witchcraft'', they do not forget or blank it out or remember it as something mundane in the same way that they would for any other use of Awakened powers. While this might seem beneficial it is not: since they don't reject and instinctively withdraw from the Supernal energies their souls are drawn closer to that realm….and into the clutches of the Abyss. Instead of forgetting the supernatural incidence the victim instead feels an intense sense of revulsion, that what he's witnessing is deeply unnatural and just plain wrong. This builds with every new exposure, growing to suspicion, enmity and finally hatred and violence. Worst of all is that when this process reaches its final stage it becomes communicable, with the affected Sleeper able to spread the anger and sense of anathema to any other Sleepers he comes into contact with. In this way has many a careless proximus or mage found herself on the lethal side of a lynch mob or witch trial, and it's one of the reasons the family has found itself so persecuted down throughout the centuries.


Mechanically speaking, when determining how much a Sleeper witness remembers after seeing the magic used by the Daughters their Willpower is considered to be increased by a number equal to the merit-rating of the Blessing used, or the caster's Arcanum rating if it's a spell cast by a full Mage. If the witness ends up in the ''vague recollections'' category they instead remember the event mostly as it happened but twisted to be vastly more corrupt and heinous than it actually was, and they must roll Resolve + Composure or get +1 level of 'Disquiet' towards the Daughter in question. This roll gets a cumulative -1 penalty for each such roll the character has had to make in the same scene, to a maximum of -5. Should the witness instead fall into the ''remembers it perfectly'' category the event burns itself into their consciousness with photographic clarity, but utterly mutated by inhuman evil and demonic vileness (or whatever fits the religious/cultural understanding of the witness). They automatically get +1 level of 'Disquiet' towards the Matron.

This 'Disquiet' mostly follows the rules for that mental state as put forth in the Promethean core rulebook, but instead of the lineage-types given there it manifests as a hatred towards the Daughter for her evil and nature-defying magics, eventually seeing her as a monster who has betrayed all humanity and needs to be put down.

Known members


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