Court of the City's Blood

Nature: Faction of spirits
Ruler: The Emperor
Typical Membership: Spirits of subcultures, pride, lust, festivals, museums, public attractions, small private businesses, homes, drugs, gangs, bicycles, MUNI, stray dogs, the homeless, litter, food, restaurants, streets, alleys, smaller buildings (especially the victorian ones, like the Painted Ladies), streetlights, nightclubs, poverty, and most of the Celestial Court of the Chinese area.

Info: San Fransisco is one of the only cities in the US which has arterial roads instead of freeways. In the spirit world, this is represented quite literally, with roads looking quite a lot like organic things, growing around houses and across the landscape. It links everything into a living organism, of sorts. Every neighborhood has a distinct feel, a history and a name. So naturally, most neighborhoods have their own small spirit community. In one place, the drug and gang spirits may rule, while in others spirits connected with the counterculture may hold sway.

The City's Blood is a collection of street-level spirits, from suburban homes and schools to nightclubs and beat-clubs. The homeless and stray dog spirits act as intermediaries between them all, as do the spirits of the streets. From the Most August Celestial Bureaucracy of Chinatown to the Stepford Monarchs of Nob hill, this Court gathers together a lot of disparate factions under one banner.

Of course, it's not very effective at the best of times. Squabbling, turf-wars and rivalries make it hard work for things to run properly, and the only reasons this collection of crime, counterculture and daily life manages to stick together at all is the very real threat of two strong common enemies. The Gilded Dollar tries to make the city too expensive to live in, and push out riff-raff which can't pay to stay, while the Neverending would rather the peninsula returned to its primal state of being, untouched by the presence of humans. In the face of this, the local neighborhoods have managed to put up the facade of a unified front.

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