The Book of Life

Nature: Grimoire
Author: Nicholas Kollar
Description: A large tome bound in thin and exquisitely prepared doe hide, dyed forest green and chased with silver.
First Encountered: 3.5 "Your Permanent Record", where it was picked up at an auction together with "Via Sublimus" and "The Secret Hierarchy of the Diamond Wheel"
Info: While indeed a valuable and much sought-after book this is still only a copy of the true Book of Life penned by Kollar himself in 1572. As such it doesn't have any of the special powers supposedly incorporated into the genuine tome, though it's suspected many of these are nothing but fanciful rumors anyway.


Rote Spell Dice pool Arcanum Lvl Traits
Body Mind Body Control Int + Medicine Life ••
Salve the Wounds of Battle Self-Healing Int + Medicine Life •• L2m
Blood of the Lamb Self-Purging Sta + Medicine Life •• EL
Reseal the Tomb Banish Plague Int + Medicine Life ••• L
Balm of Flesh Healing Heart Com + Medicine Life ••• L1m
Enduring Body Body Mastery Sta + Occult Life •••
The Lesser Philosopher's Stone Vital Balance Int + Occult Life+Death 4 ••••• V1m

E = Extended, V = Vulgar, L = Lasting. Assume Instant, Covert and Prolonged otherwise

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