The Book

Nature: Unknown
Also Known As: The Black Book, "the hell!?!"
First Seen: The plot detailing the quest for the Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu, where characters encountered the white-robed figure at the ''watchtower of fail'', which gave them a vision detailing many things, culminating in the Book, and the unspoken understanding that acquiring it would be vital for them. But still not sure which plot that was, nor exactly when it happened.
First Encountered: 3.6 "As easy as ABC", where it was found in the Omphalos Shrine and brought back to the material, somehow.

Description: A plain book with unadorned black cover, containing 220 pages in A4-format, filled with handwritten texts and illustrations in various languages, alphabets, inks and styles.

Effects: Apart from managing to follow the characters from the Astral to the Material, The Book has thus far evinced one single 'power' as such: It is utterly and wholly impervious to any and all attempts to magically analyze, translate or understand it.

It doesn't register at all to any sort of mage sight, it has no aura to analyze, its substance and composition can't be discerned with Matter, its writing can't be understood with Mind, and so on. Even copying down its contents and using ''Universal Language'' on the transcript has managed to get past this.

In comparison just plain getting help from people who happen to understand the alphabet in question, or even using perfectly mundane online translation-websites, has thus far worked without a hitch.

Info: As much of the Book's contents as possible are published on its own wiki, through photography and transcription. Here one can also find those translations, interpretations as well as any solutions to the puzzles and codes which people have thus far made available.

That wiki can be found Here


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