Thar Akuru

Nature: Species of cryptid
Fist Encountered: 1.8 "You're Playing With the Big Boys Now"

Description: Appear to be physically identical to a normal human, unless it has learned some sort of shapeshifting trick and is currently using it. Appear to retain all the memories and most of the personality when they are 'born' into their body.

Info: A form of spiritual corvid-being in a human body, not unlike the spirit-claimed, with the most important difference being that the Thar Akuru cannot leave their host, and die permanently when the body does. They also reproduce more like a living being than like a spirit, apparently laying eggs from which a wholly new specimen is born. They can develop several supernatural powers due to their spiritual origins and true natures, but these are often weak and limited when compared to true Hisil-natives.

According to legend they are all descended from the raven-incarna known as Nam Uha, who seeded a fragment of himself inside a person in order to cheat death. The unforeseen consequences landed him in a prison of flesh from which he could not escape, and to this day every Thar Akuru seeks a way to undo this mistake and return to their true form as a deity of birds and mischief, though presumably having learned an important lesson from all of this.

So far the only Thar Akuru encountered has been Elliot Nash

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