Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Cabal: Solitary
Legacy: Shepherds of Night

First Encountered: Prequel 1.1 "The Condiments and The Treasure of the Lost Stradivarius", where he stole the Clock of Rasputin at auction in Tower of London
Notable Appearances: 3.2 "But Now the Dead Begin to Rise...", where he's brought out of stasis. Prequel 1.4 "The Embassy of Cibola", where he wielded a Crystal Skull from Drake's Hoard. 3.7 "It was in the bleak December" (indirectly), stranded Archaeomancers in Temple of Sebek. 5.3 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", as he's apparently having an extended visit to the Concilium, and seeks 'citizenship' there.

Info: A mage who clearly should not have hit the "snooze" button so hard.

Being both the leader of a dangerous local mafia, an infamous acquisitor, ruthless archaeomancer and widely suspected to be a traitor to the iron pyramid, the Mage known as Tezcatlipoca for reasons of his own decided to enter a temporal stasis sarcophagus in Las Vegas, but through unfortunate circumstances this device wasn't deactivated until 2008. He is currently at large, and it is presumed to have resumed his old activities and habits. Bitter rival of The Condiments.

Also known as "TeslaPolka", though so far, not to his face.

Claims that the 'spoke' of the Kalakin Engine which was stolen from him by the Condiments was an ancestral Artifact of his, an heirloom.

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