Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Cabal: Solitary
Concilium: Las Vegas

Info: Archaeologist, known for being stubborn beyond belief and for going off on expeditions and dig sites single-handed. Through sufficiently repeated yet always unintentional exposure he has become effectively immune to the venom of most animals, insects and arachnids of North-, middle- and south-America. On several occasions he has been assaulted while excavating ruins, had his findings stolen by rivals, his car or riding animal stolen, and been left for dead, sometimes sealed within the ruin or tomb in question. To date his response has invariably been to continue his work as best he can, and when that becomes practically impossible to simply walk back to civilization again. This has happened in such places as the middle of the Sahara desert, in the Arizona desert, and on the Siberian tundra.

Has expressed disapproval that young mystagogues of today seem more interested in his battles with robotic guardian-beasts or fights with rivals while balancing on a rope bridge above bottomless chasms, rather than the groundbreaking discovery of intact bone-tools from the stone age 'Azilian' culture which he managed to recover, to pick one example at random.

Happens to be Dorian's mentor.

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