Nature: Stratum of the Astral
First Encountered: 2.1 "Son, your mind has been transported back in time. And to Mars.", where Chimera's body was temporarily "highjacked" using the alien technology of the less scrupulous natives of astral Mars.

Notable Appearances

●2.2 "'Cause I'm leaving on a Jetplane", where Hermes learns debate techniques from Cicero in Astral Rome, where he is approached by timetravelling victorian psychics from the Glass House
●(3.1? or 3.2?) Quest for Drake's Hoard & New Albion, and first meeting with the Morphean
●3.6 "As Easy as ABC", where Avatar is assaulted by the Morphean and the Elder Sister pylon, and the cabal found The Book
●4.?? When the cabal explored the Astral realm of Coleridge's "Kubla Khan" poem, and ended up in the Temple of Zanack Khan (ST: when? I can't place quite where in chronology this was. any help?)
●(4.3? 4.4?) The visit to the idea-realm of the Shepherds of Night legacy (ST: same as above; when was this?)
●4.6: "Body of Knowledge", Dorian haunts his dad, then gets message about ''Hilbert's Hotel''
●4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men...", where cabal visits Hilbert's Hotel, and so have their first proper meeting with Quetzalcoatl, Nobel's father, who turns out to be a (rather polite) Tetrarch.
●6.6 "The Night's Plutonian Shores", where Nobel and his father have their agreed-upon meeting in the realm of the Hyperborean Language


The dimension of the mind, the realm 'inside' of the collective human consciousness.


Notable Temenos-realms visited


To list of locations

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