Tamas Angra Mainyu

Nature: Claimed Mage (somehow)
Affiliation: The Dread Fellowship of Apep; previously the Seers of the Throne
First Encountered: 1.4 "In Sickness and in Health", as father of the (replacement) bride.
Notable Appearances: 2.4 "A Plague on Both Your Houses", where he was killed. 3.2 "But Now The Dead Begin To Rise…", where he was brought back to life.


Info: Capable of scaring off a lot of people in one go. Sees flower-boys even when they come in Twilight form. 'Father' and lover of Layla, who took over his leadership duties during his 'absence', and who brought him back to life through blasphemous rites and horrible sacrifices.

According to Ahura Mazda Mainyu was born during the industrial revolution, and his negative experiences growing up caused him to join a cult of nihilistic thaumaturges secretly controlled by Seer of the Throne. Upon Awakening he was recruited to join them, but in time grew tired and disappointed with them, going back to his roots as a cultist of ancient and forbidden evils. Somehow earned his title as "The Tamas" and founded the Dead Fellowship of Apep, which is supposedly only one of many agencies in this world that act on the desires of the unwholesome forces they serve.

Exactly what happened to Mainyu and how he managed to attain the powers he now enjoys is still unexplained, given the natural immunity all mages have to spiritual Claiming, and how that process would in any case inevitably mar the soul too much to allow for Awakened magic. The fact remains, though, that Mainyu's body, mind and soul have mutated and grown in strange and inhuman ways beyond the current understanding of pentacle mages, while his agenda and objectives are even more unclear.

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