"I'm sorry. I must do as I will do.
Magic grants no freedoms, friend pupil.
Everything it buys must be paid for.
-Merlin, in "The Invisible Labyrinth"
Nature: Proxiumus dynasty
Parent Path: Moros
Parent Legacy: Tremere Liches, more specifically House Vrykolaka
Arcana: Death, Prime
First Encountered: 4.1 "Veni, Vidi, Venice"
Theme: Mediterranean witchcraft, aristocratic mysticism and hedonism, eastern european necromancy and undeath, blood bathers and dhampyr-counts.
Soundtrack: Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid


Known Blessings: Death: Soul Marks (•), Speak With The Dead (•), Suppress Aura (••), Suppress own life (•••). Prime: Supernal Vision (•)

Curse: Once their powers manifest themselves their bodies and souls suffer the same fatal crumbling as their parent legacy. After a number of years equal to (4 times their Willpower score) they begin to age unnaturally fast, dying long before their time, unless they bind a new soul to themselves to restore the integrity of their pattern. Until they've managed to 'feed' every year which passes changes them as if five years had passed instead, aging them commensurately.

This isn't reversed by consuming a soul, however, and the youth lost won't return by that process, it will only halt further rapid ageing. This means that few of the Strigoaică are willing to avoid consuming the souls they need for any length of time. The only exception is if they manage to score an Awakened soul, for it holds enough power to restore them to their true physical age. The Dynasty has no power to steal the souls of mages, however, and so require help from their Tremere parents to accomplish such a deed.

In addition, if they ever Awaken the members of the family will automatically develop the Tremere Lich legacy as soon as their Gnosis and Arcana are sufficiently advanced to fulfill the requirements for entry. No training or teacher is needed for this, though the xp normally granted to a tutor is still lost. None know what happens to this lost enlightenment, but many suspect it's corroded into nothing in the same way that the souls of liches fall apart and disintegrate over time.


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