Stewards Of The Celestial Orrery

Parent Path: Obrimos
Parent Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Time (Primary), Prime (Secondary & Prerequisite)



1.Skein of Heaven: ●Know best time to act, ±1/sux, Wits+Invest+T–Symp. ●Prime sight, but not auras
2.Celestial Diagram: When casting spells,Temporal Sympathy is +2 steps better (except Unknown)
Prime 3: Create source of perpetual energy, equivalent to Ley-Node but unrelated to area's actual Ley setup. Choose output's energy format at creation. Instant action, Lasting. Amount it can power per Prime: 1dot: Small room, f.ex home office. 3 dots: Small home. 5 dots: Large home or mansion.
3.Supernal Clarity: Accurately see 1 turn/sux of future, Int+Inv+Time–Temp Symp (– cloak), 1M. Must specify exact time sought. Can only see future of beings/items/area currently in sensory range.
Prime 4: After making energy source with previous effect, use 1WP to become Hallow, lvl =Prime. Can produce Mana like Hallow once per day, but themself can't do Oblation for it, only others can.

Known Members:


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