Sphinx Statuette

Nature: Enchanted Item
First Encountered: P1.3 "Secret of the Second Sphinx"

Description: A figurine small enough to rest in the palm of one's hand, shaped like the famous Sphinx of Giza but with an unmarred face and made of an alloy resembling gold.

Effects: On its own it seems to have no overt magical powers, but it functioned as a sort of key of proof of access when it came to the complex magical instruments found with the Sphinx found in Antarctica. It is, however, cursed in such a way that whosoever claims it as their own without the right to do so will suffer the horrible death of the Helian Spore, a magical wasting sickness.

Info: Was stolen from its rightful place in 1829 by an expedition of mages, "The Brotherhood of Catamounts" cabal, all of which are assumed to have died of the curse-disease in short order. The statuette was brought to England by the last member through unknown means, as the pain and trauma had driven him to take leave of his senses before he also died scant weeks later. His belongings, the sphinx figurine included, ended up in the basement of the British Museum until 1933 when its rediscovery killed Professor Olam and thereby triggered the events of the Prequel story in which it is featured.

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