Spear Of Convocation

Nature: Imbued & Enhanced item, partially of Perfected Metals, somehow merged with the Chimerically-Conjured astral idea/concept of itself. Might possibly have begun as an Artifact.
Mana Capacity: Unknown
First Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"


Effects: The characters have witnessed it do several things, such as apportate to its owner and fly through the air to someone because they claimed to have divine birthright, but goodness knows what else it's capable of. For roughly a millennium it's been local tradition to allow an artisan to Imbue a new effect into the Spear as a reward in recognition of great service and/or exceptional skill in crafting magical items. In other words, it's got ten centuries worth of repeated imbuements layered on top of each other like geological strata, not to mention that information about its initial powers was lost long ago, or that the effects of it being partly conceptual are speculative at best. All in all, it's usually considered wise not to fiddle too much with the Spear, since there's a high chance of accidentally activating some forgotten yet lethal function hidden within.

Info: The official symbol of the Convocation

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