Soviet Note

Note found on dead Soviet spy from the 1940s. T.A.G. is presumably Tanze auf Gräben, or Dances-on-Graves, the Halaku that gobbled down Nathuram's finger. Also a Nazi, apparently. Handwritten notes are in German, but the majority in a blocky runic script later identified as Hyperborean.

Top (K.L.): Which language is this?
Red (T.A.G.): You haven't translated this yet. My patience grows thin.
Bottom (slanted):
Take hold now
the future will not remember (sight(?))
the past will not forget

Main text:
In the land of the Aesur did we live on, last heirs of Yimi, called Brimir and Yama. We are Duergar.

Though they seek to wrest our secrets from us we will not divulge knowledge earned through generations of hard work. Yimi prevails.

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