Soul-Sarcophagus Of The Neverborn

Nature: Unknown
First Encountered: Created during the "deathquake" (ca 3.1 or 3.2, I think, but that period is (sadly) not documented very well)

Description: Primeval & ancient in design. Huge and not conforming overly much to human sensibilities.

Info: Secreted & sculpted into being in an eerily quick fashion, almost as if doing so was as difficult as brushing a bit of dust off a jacket sleeve. Made by the "Neverborn" who was unlucky enough to end up in the sanctum of the Eye of the Storm when it had finally reached the mortal world. It was soon aggressively confronted by the natives, and in the ensuing altercation it grabbed Nobel, casually ripped out his soul in order to stop his annoying spellcasting, and then made the sarcophagus to store it in.

Effects: Effectively functioned as a "soul jar", being a handy place for the monster to store Nobel's soul after ripping it out of him.

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