Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Ascended Adept
Cabal: Enigma
Proficiency: Master of Mind
Positions: Councillor, Magister
Apprentices: Avatar, Islington, Joan of Arc

Info: Councilwoman and diehard hippie. Also blind. Married to Baphomet. Was the first mentor and tutor of Avatar.

Official Dossier: Having been mentored in the Art by the renowned luminary Simon Magnus there were many who regarded her as his greatest failure when she enthusiastically threw decorum to the wind and immersed herself in the hippie movement, preaching free love, peace and understanding for all. Yet when she used this to reach an accord with the libertines of the city, thus forging the great alliance which would stand strong for twenty years and ensured political dominance for the two orders, as well as incorporating into a hitherto unprecedented number of sleepwalkers, thaumaturges and other gifted people into the cryptopoly and thereby quadrupling its scope and power, that opinion soon died away. Never one to rest on her laurels Sophia has performed many impressive deeds since that time, such as uniting the two Concilia of her city, reached the third Attainment of her Legacy, mastered the Mind arcanum, recovered hesychian meditation-techniques believed lost for centuries, procured genuine Soma, saved every single cryptopoly member from suffering lasting harm during the '89 quake, and was instrumental in keeping the Concilium united and cooperating efficiently during the recent Lich War.

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