Sleekvoice the Undeniable

Nature: Fae
Encountered: 2.5 "More than a thousand words"
Title: Butler of Bolevile Mansion

Description: Rather oily and fancy, Sleekvoice has a deep and resonant voice that makes others listen up and take him seriously. He never stops smiling, yet has several different types of smiles to make up for this. They can be condescending, angry, gleeful, yet never compassionate. His predatory nature shows itself when he reveals his fangs too, though he still smiles as he moves in for the bite. His eyes are deep pools, like staring out the window at the starry sky on a winters night. He feels old, like a creature of the night that was forgotten by time long ago, a predator from the ancient world. His skin is old like the leather on antique books, and dust seems to settle on him like an old friend.

Info: A servant of the Lady Bolevile, Sleekvoice was used as her first representative to the Eye of the Storm under the pretense of establishing dialogue and explaining the situation at hand. That this was merely a method of entering their home and getting close enough to attack was revealed soon enough, and though it was a close call the cabal ended up taking Sleekvoice hostage. He was exchanged in return for a chance to get out of the Scobury-Clovill Pact. In battle, he commanded the house elves of Bolevile with lethal efficiency. Seemed to dislike Sheenbright somewhat.

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