Nature: The Created; robot
First Encountered:

Info: Roommate of CPAN-1, when they both tried attending university in silicone valley. Didn't have quite the same supportive parents and upbringing as CPAN-1, and was shocked to meet the PC's and learn that his buddy hadn't been lying or delusional about his past. Including the whole actually being raised by wizards.

Was much more skeptical and cynical about humanity as a result of his negative experiences thus far, and it was foreseen by Hermes that over the years this would evolve into hatred, with the result that Skynet would seek to wipe out humanity in a robot apocalypse, which was only prevented because CPAN-1 tried to stop it and inevitably had to kill his first friend in order to save everyone in the world.

Hermes then used his supernaturally efficient voice and way with words to avert that entire scenario by convincing Skynet that humans weren't all that bad after all, and he should really give them more benefit of the doubt. Later foretellings indicate this worked, and as far as the PC's are aware the two robots are still good friends, and not trying to wipe out all life as we know it.


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