This is where Joshua lives. Used to be owned and ran by the rather shady character; Red. Is now the property of Joshua, who has been charged with the task of turning it into a profitable venture by the head lady of Valkyrie Inc.

These days, there is a lot of small, mechanical gadgets around here, created and sold by Josh. He hopes to corner a kind of souvenir-market.

The main house is visible from the nearby road, but the stacks of cars and the crane beyond dwarf it. A 10-foot high chain-link fence topped with barbed wire encircles the junkyard (though not the house). And yet, the fence sags in many places due to the family's practice of cutting and widening it when the yard needs to expand. Stacks of cars are highest in the very center of the site. The cars comprising them have been rusting for nearly 20 years. Reaching that tower of cars involves over or through a pile of sharp, unstable debris. Not even the people who work here dare to do that.

The remainder of the yard is nothing short of labyrinthine. Piles of cars create pathways, but the Odells certainly don't have any kind of plan in mind when they pile wrecks. Paths split off from each other, dead-end and double back with no rhyme or reason. While the Odell boys and their father know the place backward and forward, a visitor can easily get lost. It's always possible to climb over cars, of course, but that presents dangers of its own.

The crane is a beast, a construction-site device that the late Odell senior bought damaged and spent more than a year repairing. It sits near the front entrance of the yard, but can roll on treads along wide paths. It doesn't have the space to turn around, so the driver must put the machine in reverse or drive it all the way around the central tower to get it back to its resting place, which takes at least an hour. Only the eldest son is skilled enough with the crane to back it up. The crane uses a huge magnet to move the car hulks about.

Between two and five dogs roam the yard at any given time. They've never gotten names (or shots), and are fed when the eldest son remembers, but for the most part they subsist on rats. The dogs are thin and antisocial. They don't bother Red or his boys, or anyone accompanied by them. The dogs are mutts, dingy brown or grey and white in colour. They aren't especially large, but are fast and lean, and can wriggle through cars after their prey.

New updates since arrival:
After finding out a bit about the curious habits of Odell senior, or rather his "secret master", Cahanyx the Darkness spirit (and the brood of crow spirits, but more of that elsewhere), the physical appearance of the Scrapheap changed. At the center of the heap, a sort of crude courtyard was discovered; "the Nest". Hard to get to initially, it's walls have now been expanded upon, with more cars increasing both the nest itself, and the walls surrounding it. Joshua does not want people to stumble in here and disturb that which lies within.
During this encounter, the venerable crane got another wound; the crane-structure was torn off the main chassis during the initial fight. As a result, Josh has ordered a new crane from Valkyrie inc. Since the old crane had a rather interesting spirit-equivalent, however, he is also in the process of rebuilding the old crane. Probably in coordination with the Odells. Also, a fresh set of "Keep Out: Hazardous environment"-signs have sprung up around the yard.

Also, the front courtyard have new additions: a small collection of metallic sculptures greets people at the entry. These are by no means high art, but try telling Josh that. He'll be quick to reply that it's a definite improvement, along with the general cleanup of the front yard, to the torn scrap that used to flow there before. ("And perhaps you'd like to see a selection of the more recent, updated pieces? They are quite another story, quality-wise, and we'll pass them on our way to the office anyways…?") 3 sets of rather new industrial, protective suits hang on a self-made coathanger inside the door. Only one set really seems to be in regular use.

Was the site of a murder investigation, where armed police officers accused Joshua Trenton and Red for the murder of several persons, including a Doctor. Chimera managed to evade suspicions, while Byron Odell was taken into custody due to Evidence. The fate of his children has yet to be decided.

The dark spirit Cahanyx also left its haunt in the center of the Scrapheap. From it's nest it had possessed Red, inspiring the murder of several persons who had been "intruders". While this practice was halted when the characters first encountered the dark spirit, it seemed Cahanyx had a larger plot planned, one that would swap Mage for Familiar. When the policemen disturbed his abode, taking the bodily remains hidden there, the spirit raged over the loss of its "treasures". It then managed to act out the first steps of its plan, due to Chimera's cluelessness. When confronted with evidence of the swap by the postcognicating Apollo, the enraged Cahanyx atacked the mages (now without a spirit-mage to assist them), and left the premises after they managed to flee.

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