Siri Smistad Holm

Farmowner, devoted wife and mother of three.

When her son won a trip for two to the United States in a Se&Hør-competiton, she grabbed the opportunity to tag along and see how her youngest was holding up after a year in San Francisco. (Of course, it would have been nice if Robert had been able to share this trip with a nice girl, but you don't complain when you get a free vacation.) They were only able to squeeze in a weekend in San Francisco, but it was a very enjoyable weekend and a nice ending to the vacation, even though Andrea seemed to be a bit worried about a boyfriend that she hadn't heard from in a while. (So nice that she's found someone, even if she was a bit slow with sharing the good news with her mother… Let's just hope he's alright, and that he had a good reason for not being heard from.)

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