Sir James Owsley-Palmer

Path: Unknown
Order: Unknown
Legacy: Riders of Pegasus (creator)
Cabal: The Bellerophon Society (founder)
Title: Astronomer Royal for Capetown
Soundtrack: Eldorado - Sopor Aeternus

From the chronicled history of The Condiments:

Summer 1928, London - Meeting with ''Pierre'', Guardian from the Caucus of Paris
Pierre: «Some years back there was a leader of….well, a cult, we can call them. We kept tabs on them, as best we could, but he had followers across many continents. He was a mage from Cape Town, by the name of Sir James Owsley-Palmer. (…) We knew he did many mysterious things, gathered many rotes of great power, did much research (…) He was a spreader of heresy, so everything we could know of his doings, we recorded»
Mordred: «So, the people who were after us, it's Sir James's cult?»
Pierre: «We are not thinking it. He vanished, years ago. He and the remains de cabal went away, poof, into thinnest of air, in the past year of 1927. They were never more seen from again»
Mordred: «But couldn't this be some of his followers? You said he had many of them.»
Pierre: «He had, yes, true. But zhey left. They gave up. They thought in the end that Sir James had gone, how to say it, 'kokoo'. He became more and more crazy in his stories. His followers abandoned him, long before he went away. We have heard nothing of them since»
Mordred: «What did he do? Sir James, that is, what sort of field did he work in?»
Pierre: «Astrology. Well, Astronomy too. He was believing in the theory that Atlantis was destroyed by comet, impacting le terre, the Earth itself. Well, that is how it began. In the end he was talking of the planet Atlantis which has been between Mars and Jupiter, which was crushed by comet sent by alien-minded beings from above the Supernal. As we saying, he went to the mad, and was abandoned by his followers. But before that, he sought rocks from space to study, with greed so big it scared many, to see if they were of that impact that crushed the Awakened city, to prove himself to be in the right.»
Vinegar: «But he didn't actually die, did he? Nobody saw a corpse?»
Pierre: «No. No trace. No notes. Nothing. We searches his sanctums known found, yet could find no remains of his fatale»
Vinegar: «So he could have just been in hiding, until now, and these are the remains of his group?»
Pierre: «It is a possibility, but we would not ever believed it sensible. They are gone entire»


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