Sir Francis Drake

Nature: Sleepwalker
First Encountered: While questing for Drake's Hoard the PC's met the memory of him in the Astral
Affiliation: Shoal of Night
Soundtrack: Professional Pirate - Muppets Treasure Island

Info: While this page won't even attempt to cover the known facts of his life and doings, directing the reader rather to Wikipedia for that purpose, it is interesting to not that within this campaign he seems to have been involved in some rather important affairs involving the Awakened. is exact relations to the magely community remains uncertain, but it seems that he had at least one or two of them along on his extensive exploration and plundering of the Americas, and it's clear that Drake got his hands on several genuinely magical treasures.

Most shockingly it would seem that he and his expedition not only landed in the local area but they also made pacts with the indigenous mages, in so doing establishing that the region belonged to the Shoal of Night group/sect back home. Much of the riches he had acquired during his plundering of South America which were of a sleeper-incompatible nature (and/or possibly material that was offensive to the Pentacle) were hidden away in a secret underground structure. Only because this included three crystal skulls was it possible for the PC's to single out the particular sub-realm of the Temenos where this was discovered, making it rather likely to have been created from genuine memories rather than being pure fantasy.


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