Silver Bowl of Sigyn

Nature: Imbued Item •••••
Mana Capacity: 11
Effect: If placed within a Hallow it automatically activates when that location generates its daily Mana. It must be no further from the center than 5 yards per dot of the Hallow's rating. It uses the Prime 3 "Channel Mana"spell, with a dice pool equal to 3 + the owner's Gnosis, transferring one dram of Mana into itself per success.
Description: A simple yet elegant silver bowl, sturdy, with a snake spiralling around its exterior until its head leans over the rim, mouth open and fangs exposed over the basin. The interior surface is covered in a runic inscription following the same spiralling pattern, telling the story of how Loki was bound beneath the earth. Whenever it collects mana the energy is turned into shimmering water dripping from the fangs into the bowl itself, where it stays even if the item is turned upside down.

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