Nature: Fae; (hob)goblin; 'helper'
First Encountered: 3.4 "Ghastly, Grim and Ancient Ravens", where he was summoned up
Notable appearances: 4.1 "Veni, Vidi, Venice", where warned the PC's about the Dark Wolves. Also the incident where it sabotaged the brakes on Polydegmon's car, almost killing the man.

Description: A small hairy creature with a long beard and bushy eyebrows. Its long spindly limbs make its gait strange and irregular for a quadruped, and despite being distinctly paws its hands still have long dexterous, clawed fingers with which it has surprising nimbleness. Though its face has a strange similarity to an old man it can also be mistaken for a small furry animal, like a cat or raccoon, if one does not get a close look. Can turn invisible, and seems to have a strong aversion to being seen at all.

Info: Upon his first attempt to cast the rote "Inviting the Little Folk" (from The Passages of Avalon grimoire) Hermes managed to summon up Shrue, a small and primarily invisible goblin-creature, from its nesting place within the woods between the worlds. While seemingly harmless and friendly, being sentient enough for speech and reasoning, it is still an inhuman creature and has caused significant difficulties due to its inability to properly interpret this world.

Most importantly is perhaps the fact that the cabal managed to see him, despite his powers of stealth, which they learned too late binds this sort of creature to them with iron-clad bonds of affection and generosity. Further reading revealed that once it knows someone has spotted it such a fairy (sometimes known as a 'drudgeman', 'brownie' or similar) will from then on stalk that person, protecting them from harm, lashing out against their enemies and helping them get what (it thinks) they want. Even if the chosen 'ward' protests or asks it not to. While this seems beneficial it becomes more sinister when one remembers things like Shrue believing that a kiss was an assault ("person x was eating your face!"), or that a heated argument merited a murder attempt in return. It has, however, supposedly been keeping the cabal safe from otherworldly threats such as fairy-monsters, which might actually be true.

It should be noted that its name was given by the cabal after the summoning, it having none before that time, and refers to its life of hiding and living amongst (and possibly being spontaneously spawned by) the shrubbery of its interdimensional forest-home.

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