Shoal Of Night

Nature: Awakened organization
First Encountered: Their legacy and the nature of their actions were first come across during the discovery of Drake's Hoard.

Info: A group of mages from various cabals and conciliums, who came together during the 15th century and used all sorts of advanced occult and scientific methods in order to find the truth about Atlantis. Their main base was in London, and their inner circle was closely associated with the court of Queen Elizabeth.

That they were also heavily entangled with sleeper conspiracies and mortal politics and had rather nebulous goals and questionable methods made sure they were closely watched by the authorities of the time. Supposed members were such celebrities as John Dee, Roger Bacon, Sir Francis Drake and sir Walter Raleigh, claims which actually do seem to have some merit when Awakened records are examined.

They had experience with explorations of the unknown places of the world, but suffered from severe setbacks such as the Roanoke incident or their admiral Humphrey Gilbert disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. It was then that they turned to more theoretical work, such as John Dee inventing/discovering the Enochian language and subsequently using it to channel lore from the "aethyrs of the Watchtowers".

This they compared with the fragments they had recovered from the Americas, and then set about using kabbalistic methods to correlate and interpret the vast amounts of information they had. They employed linguists, mathematicians, cosmographers and even playwrights to help them with aspects of their work, as well as using the new methods of literary and historical criticism to retroproduce uncorrupted original texts of Plato, Aristeas of Marmora and even the Picatrix.

Their downfall began in 1627 when they published findings that radically disagreed with the Atlantean Orthodoxy taught by the Orders (basically dismissing it entirely), and soon they found themselves persecuted and arrested. their sancta invaded and their work confiscated or destroyed. The Guardians spread out across Europe to hunt down Shoal members, collaborators and correspondents, often under the guise of the ongoing witch hunts of the time. Its strongholds in London, Prague and Heidelberg were smashed, and the final stand of the Shoal of Night was burnt out in 1666.

That people and groups claiming to be them or their inheritors have popped up at odd times and places ever since is perhaps to be expected, especially when one remembers that many Libertine historians consider the Shoal of Night to be the first Cabal of the Free Council.

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