Shen Zhou

Nature: Fox-spirit; familiar
First Encountered: 1.5 "No way out", where it sought out the PC's and asked for help.
Notable appearances: 1.6 "Ancestral voices prophesying war", as it left John's body and soul upon the beginning of his Awakening. 5.1 ''…Couldn't put Þrúðvangr together again'', where Hermes goes home to Ireland and relieves him of the family-watching duty, and takes the spirit on as a familiar.

Visitor at Harry's Bar, one-time resident in the soul of John, and now the smug familiar of Hermes. For some time it was allowed to reside within his being, hiding from the rather powerful darkness-spirits that were seeking vengeance for past slights, having chosen to approach the characters after word had gotten around about their victory against such beings during plot 1.4 "In sickness and in health". In return it promised to look after John's family after it was no longer bound to him, which it did. In the late spring of 2009 they met again, whereupon the surprised spirit was told it was free to do as it pleased again, though it got the option to become Hermes' "sidekick", which it accepted.

Spoke of three factions of gods, embroiled in war, Sol Invictus and the Hand amongst them. Also talked a bit about such weird, unbelievable stuff as werewolves, and their Great Father and Mother.


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